Philips Lighting extends its Hue wireless control device portfolio for smart homes


Philips Lighting extends its Philips Hue portfolio with the Hue White Ambiance decorative luminaires, having the same LED technology and wireless control, Philips Lighting SEE representatives in Bucharest announced on Tuesday. A real design furniture piece that can be easily integrated in every house, providing lodgers not only with comfort, but also with free imagination and energy, and all by the innovative integrated lighting which is gaining more and more ground at present, while being a benchmark of the future.

The new Hue White Ambiance product family successfully integrates home lighting luminaires’ modern design with a control system based on innovative WiFi technology that allows users to easily access pre-light scenarios, depending on preference. The range offers the possibility to select the type of lighting fixtures as it integrates ceiling lamps, brackets, or spotlights, there are many options for the main rooms of the house. Decorative luminaires can be used independently or integrated into an existing Hue network. The new Hue White Ambiance range will become available in Romania starting January 2017.

Internet access and greater openness toward digitalization led to a significant increase in LED technology demand, and, as far as the Smart Home is concerned, our star product is definitely Philips Hue. In the upcoming 5 years, we expect to see an evolution on the local market toward smart homes and an increase in demand for interconnected systems, capable of simplifying and enhancing consumers’ day to day lives,” said Bogdan Balaci, Philips Lighting SEE General

The Philips Hue portfolio, launched under the concept of Connected Lighting, offers the consumer a unique user experience through customized light control at home. Philips Hue users can choose according to preference, the hue, contrast and light intensity, having available a spectrum of 16 million colors. The main reasons for purchasing the Hue system is linked to the need for light according to one’s mood, or for living intense experiences with friends and family, but also for remote controlling and the option of programming the lights for increased security.

Increasingly more, a smart home concept also promotes energy efficiency. The Philips Hue range includes both intelligent bulbs, energy efficient (classic or spot), and also integrated LED luminaires. The basic kit consists of three RGB LED Wi-Fi connectable bulbs and the Hue bridge, which is the connection between the Hue bulbs, which can support up to 50 Hue light sources. Over 200 applications are available and enable the possibility of customization of light from your smart mobile device (phone, tablet) – from functional white light, warm or cold, to complex lighting scenes with countless colors.

“Romanians are generally more open to address smart devices and, in particular, due to the high degree of interactivity, to the Philips Hue system. This is a friendly lighting system, interactive, customizable and easy to connect to your TV or music system, creating unique entertainment experiences,” said Codruţa Marin, Key Account Manager Consumer Channel Romania.

She pointed out that this type of lighting will become a communication platform connecting several system altogether.

“With Hue you can give free play to your imagination, you can coloer your house, as there is a blade of over 16 million colors, you can customize the envirnonment of the home, to connect the light to other systems in the house such as the TV or the sound system, you can monitor the house, as it serves as a minimum security system, and all just with an Internet connection,” Codruta Marin explained.

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