Physician Mihai Lucan, found in conflict of interest by ANI


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The National Integrity Agency (ANI) has announced that the famous urologist Mihai Lucan was found in conflict of interest during 2012-2016.

According to a press release on Tuesday for, during June 26, 2012 and December 30, 2016, the Lukmed clinic (where Lucan and his wife are associates, and the son is the administrator) concluded a contract with the Clinical Institute of Urology and Renal Transplant Cluj -Napoca (where Lucan was Head of division – Urology Clinic II), thus violating the legal regime of conflict of interest in administrative matters.

Between the two medical institutions a contract for medical services was concluded, but also four additional documents for the extension of its duration.

Thus, Doctor Lucan violated several articles of Law no. 95/2006, the quoted source informs.

According to ANI, the doctor was informed that he was in a conflict of interest and has filed a viewpoint for defence to the assessment file.

The former director of the Urology and Renal Transplant Institute in Cluj-Napoca, Mihai Lucan, currently investigated for embezzlement under judicial control, is placed under home arrest, as the Bucharest Court of Appeals ruled on January 12.

The court has judged the appeal filed by DIICOT against the decision to let Doctor Lucan at large. The renowned urologist is charged with embezzling the Urology Institute, with the prejudice estimated to RON 5 million.

Renowned urologist from Cluj-Napoca, doctor Mihai Lucan and his son were detained in late December in a fund embezzlement case, but the court has rejected the DIICOT prosecutors’ request and placed them under judicial control.

Huge sums of money were found during searches at Doctor Lucan’s place, EUR 600,000 in cash, luxury watches and gold jewels. Moreover, Mihai Lucan’s son-in-law has been caught red handed by the police officers who were searching the house, while he was attempting to run away with valuable assets from the house. He had managed to hide EUR 10,000 in the car’s bunker.


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