Pickpocket banned from using public transport, court rules for the first time in Romania

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A man has been recently sentenced to prison in Romania, but that’s not all. Judges have also banned him from travelling by public transportation means for 3 years after he serves his jail time.

In early September the Bucharest Court of Appeal Ion Gisca has got three years and 6 months in prison for theft, with judges also ordering a premiere interdiction against him, namely they banned him from using the public transport for three years after serving the prison sentence, claiming the pickpocket had developed a ‘modus operandi’ to steal from the public transportation vehicles.

More precisely, the judges justified the ban arguing that Ion Gisca’s criminal record reveals that most of his thefts had been committed in buses.

The court said that he was quite specialized in this type of thefts in the buses and was bodacious in committing them, while pretending he was sick. Judges also argued that police officers had caught him red-handed in January, while he was stealing from people’s bags and pockets, and they placed him on judicial control. But after only a day, he was out committing a new theft.

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