Pilgrims defy rain and chill while queuing at St. Paraskeva’ relics in Iasi

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Ten of thousands of Romanian believers have been queuing to worship the relics of Saint Paraskeva in Iasi, within the largest Orthodox pilgrimage in Moldavia, Romania. The saint is celebrated on October 14, but hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are gathering each year in Iasi several days ahead to commemorate St. Paraskeva, while the city itself established its Celebration Days at the same time. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi has been hosting the relics since 1888. Saint Paraskeva is mostly known as the patron of moms and nuns.

The rain, chill or exhaustion this year seemed to not have discouraged the people. They are queuing for days to get to the relics, with the queue exceeding one kilometer this year. According to Digi 24, 70,000 believers have worshiped the relics so far, with the gendarmes estimating that 1,200 people are coming in the cathedral every hour. Sometimes, one has to wait up to ten hours to get to the saint’s relics.

However, incidents occurred this year, too. 160 pilgrims have needed medical care so far, with five of them being taken to the hospital.

This year, along with the relics of Saint Paraskeva, the relics of Saint Maria Magadalena have been brought to Iasi from Athos Mountain, as well as the relics of Saint John Chrysostom brought from Bucharest.

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