Pilot dies as MIG 21 Lancer military aircraft crashes near Feteşti, during air show

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A MiG 21 Lancer aircraft with the 86th Air Base of Feteşti (eastern Romania) has crashed on Saturday at 13.30h, about 10 km north of the Air Base location. Thousands of people were in the area attending an air show dedicated to the Open Doors Day.

The Defence Ministry has officially announced that Florin Rotaru, pilot of the MiG 21 Lancer aircraft has crashed near Fetesti and lost its life. He was 36 years old.

“Lieutenant-Commander Florin Rotaru, pilot of MiG 21 LanceR, has crashed at Fetesti and lost his life. The officer was 36 years old and had served as Chief Pilot at the 861th Air Fighter Base.

The MoD conveys condolences to the mourning family,” a release from the ministry reads.

Military prosecutors with the Bucharest Military Court have filed a complaint and have opened a criminal file

According to the first information provided by ISU Călăraşi, the pilot reportedly has catapulted. Subsequently, the MoD announced that “there is no available data on the pilot or whether he has performed catapulting manoeuvres.”

There were several thousand people attending the air show on the occasion of the Open Door Day.

Saturday’s aviation incident at Borcea air base, where pilot Florin Rotaru lost his life, could have turned into a real disaster if the military had catapulted earlier to save his life. This theory belongs to Sorin Stoicescu, former head of Civil Aviation.

Defence Minister Mihai Fifor has arrived at the Borcea Air Base. He specified that all airplanes are currently on the ground to be checked, according to the procedure.

photos: tv captures Digi 24 TV


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