PM Ciolos asks EC for explanations on the wrong Romanian cheese alert

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Romanian PM Dacian Ciolos asked the European Commission on Monday to clarify the wrong alert warning by the Italian authorities concerning the Romanian cheese, saying it affects the local economy. Italy had initially informed that the ewe-cheese made by Bradet dairy company would have been infected with an E.coli strain and made a Romanian baby living in Italy ill . Later on, they admitted it was cheese made of cow milk and not ewe-cheese.

We cannot accept such errors which are affecting our economy, the Romanian premier told a press conference in Alba Iulia on Monday.

“(…) It was a wrong alert by Italian authorities, which firstly mentioned sheep milk, not cow milk, and moreover, I understand (…) that in this alert system, the authorities of member states are the ones to introduce alert elements. The Commission just centralizes them and conveys them to all the member states of the common market. I understand that the alert mentioned precisely the products of Bradet [dairy company], not other products. The notice from the Commission was too general, and I have requested explanations. In my view, things are clear (…) I have transmitted to the European Commission, through our representation in Brussels, that if these things are not clarified, I will have a very clear position. I cannot accept such errors, which have an impact on the agrifood economy — and I know exactly what I’m talking about,” said Ciolos, a former European Commissioner for agriculture.

Several children from Argeș County — home of Lactate Bradet — were diagnosed with HUS in the past two months. Three of them died, while some others were treated in the Marie Curie Hospital of Bucharest.

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