PM Dancila, PSD chair Dragnea attend wedding party of ex-Labour minister Olguta Vasilescu with senator Claudiu Manda

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Over 500 guests attended the wedding party of former Labour minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu and his party colleague, PSD senator Claudiu Manda, now candidate for a MEP seat.

The marriage was celebrated in Isalnita, near Craiova, the groom and the bride’s hometown and where they both started their political career.

PM Dancila and PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea also attended the wedding party. Dragnea was even seen on the dancing floor, with his lover, Irina Tanase, although he was admitted to hospital for one week due to his back pains.

Dragnea was also seen in the picture with the grooms, holding a small card saying „I have to lose weight”.

A video posted by Olguta Vasilescu on her Facebook page shows her and her husband singing the anthem of Craiova University football club. Liviu Dragnea is standing next to them.

Lia Olguţa Vasilescu and Claudiu Manda had their civil and religious ceremonies in February, on Dragobete’s Day (Romanian Valentine’s Day-February 24) and now they had their wedding party.

Both Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Claudiu Manda have been married before and they have one child each from the previous marriages. In 2015, Manda got divorced from his first wife, Andreea, a dentist. Olguta Vasilescu was married to former journalist Ovidiu Răzvan Wlassopol, now member of the Financial Supervisory Authority Council.

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