PM Grindeanu underwent medical intervention


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PM Sorin Grindeanu has undergone a minor medical intervention, a cautery of some naevi, also known as moles. The intervention took place at the Military Hospital in Bucharest last week, while the premier’s general health condition has not been affected in any way.

It was a minor intervention, a cautery of some moles. The surgical intervention underwent without anesthesia,” said the Government’s spokesperson Alina Petrescu.

The intervention has been performed as a precautionary measure. “Doctors decided that it’s better for the moles to be preventively removed, for summer is close and the sun exposure is not advisable under these circumstances. The premier will pay a lot of visits, he’ll go on to a lot of building yards,” the spokesperson added.

Alina Petrescu mentioned that the premier is fine and the intervention has not affected his general health condition, with the only recommendation being that he avoids exposing himself to sun and wind for several days.

PM Sorin Grindeanu is leaving in Israel on Wednesday, “for a major visit”, and he will have top-level meetings on Thursday, the Gov’t spokesperson informed.

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