PM on coronavirus: ‘Let’s not create a panic’. President summons CSAT to inform about the actions taken


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PM-designate Ludovic Orban has said on Monday that authorities are prepared if coronavirus cases are reported in Romania, yet calling for calm and responsibility.

“I would like very much that all people who are sending messages on this topic to provide correct information that will not cause a panic. Panic is also present when there is an unknown topic, but we know very clearly what measures should be taken”, Orban said after the meeting of the PNL leadership.

He slammed the PSD’s messages on this topic, accusing Social Democrats that they are politicising a sensitive issue.

“I think it’s lack of responsibility to politicize this topic and particularly to seek electoral gain using this topic that has nothing to do with politics”, the premier added.

Orban has also called the citizens to get correctly informed, only from official sources, explaining that additional measures will be enforced if coronavirus cases are confirmed in the country.

Citizens must get informed only from official sources. Any person who is suspect and is isolated will receive all necessary information, both him/her and their families. Of course, other measures could be taken, like closing the schools, stopping artistic performances, but it is not the case at this point”.

The PM-designate also assured that all necessary protective equipment will be purchased. His statement comes after the manager of the Infectious Diseas Institute in Bucharest had warned there is not enough protective masks and suits in stock.

“We adopted an emergency ordinance precisely to buy the lacking medical equipment. The procurement procedures are in the process of completing”, the PM pointed out.

In a press statement on Monday evening, President Klaus Iohannis said there is no coronavirus case registered in Romania until now, but authorities are ready to intervene in case things take a negative turn.

Things have changed rapidly in the past days. The situation in Italy has prompted a lot of concern, including among Romanian citizens, which is understandable. I am in permanent contact with the responsible institutions to monitor what’s happening in the areas under quarantine. I decided to summon CSAT (the Supreme Defence Council) on Wednesday, to inform about the concrete action taken. The authorities have taken all necessary measures. I am calling for calm, urging citizens to get the correct information, to be vigilant and respect the basic hygiene norms and the doctor’s advice. I am also calling on the mass media to avoid the sensationalism and news that have a high emotional impact which can amplify the feeling of panic. I am calling politicians to not speculate this situation opportunistically.  I noticed that there are several people who prove irresponsibility. I ask them to immediately stop this attitude”, President Iohannis said.



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