PNL to notify CCR over President Iohannis’ fine over ‚criminals’ remark

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After President Klaus Iohannis has been fined by RON 2,000 on by the National Council for Combating Discrimination (CNCD) on Wednesday for his public remarks when he used the word “criminals, the first vice-president of the National Liberal Party, Raluca Turcan announced the Liberals would challenge the decision to the Constitutional Court.

CNCD gave a vote which hasn’t observed the law in any way, or the political parliamentary balance. With PSD-ALDE seizing this institution, we have the confirmation of the policy to silence and subordinate any person or force who is not liked by those who grabbed Romania. Now, Dragnea and Tariceanu have used the National Council for Combating Discrimination  against Romania’s President, in order to censor him, to intimidate him and to prevent him from freely speaking about the fact that the Government and the Parliament are manipulated by some criminals today, without any doubt. Tomorrow anyone can be in the President’s situation. By illegally sanctioning President Klaus Iohannis, upon the notification of a politically subordinated website, the politicized majority in the CNCD has seriously harmed the credibility of one of the institutions which is in acute need of credibility to do its job well,” says Raluca Turcan on Facebook.

CNCD head opposed decision to fine the President

CNCD, un vot care nu a respectat, sub nicio formă, legislaţia şi echilibrul politic parlamentar. Acapararea de către PSD-ALDE a acestei instituţii confirmă politica de a reduce la tăcere şi de a subordona orice persoană sau forţă care nu este pe placul celor care au pus mâna pe România. Acum, Dragnea şi Tăriceanu au folosit Consiliul Naţional pentru Combaterea Discriminării împotriva Preşedintelui României, pentru a îl cenzura, pentru a îl intimida ca să nu mai vorbească liber despre faptul că Guvernul şi Parlamentul sunt manevrate astăzi, în mod indubitabil, de nişte penali. Mâine poate fi oricine altcineva în situaţia Preşedintelui.Prin sancţionarea ilegală a Preşedintelui Klaus Iohannis, la sesizarea unui site subordonat politic, majoritatea politizată din Colegiul Director al Consiliului Naţional pentru Combaterea Discriminării (CNCD) a prejudiciat grav credibilitatea uneia dintre instituţiile care are acută nevoie de credibilitate pentru a îşi face bine treaba”, a anunţat joi Raluca Turcan pe Facebook.


the CNCD president Asztalos Csaba revealed he had opposed the decision, but five members of the council voted to apply the fine and four vetoed it.

Asztalos Csaba said said that he is willing anytime to motivate his separate opinion in the case of the fine applied to the head of state for using the ‚criminals’ label. In his view, there will be no judge in Romania to maintain the fine in his case.

By the minority opinion we’ll send the judge the grounds of fact and law to revise today’s decision,” the CNCD president posted on Facebook.

Csaba Asztalos has been opposing the decision of the council to fine president Iohannis by RON 2,000. „In this case we deal with a vulnerable group,” he said, adding that 5 votes to 4 is a tight score.

The CNCD head concluded that he and the other three members who voted against the fine will present a separate opinion.

Protest with flowers and candles at CNCD

Active Watch has staged a symbolic protest at the CNCD headquarters on Thursday, by laying a wreath of flowers and candles in front of the institution, all accompanied by a funeral music. The protest was sending the message that the CNCD decisions are politically influenced.

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