Police Academy chiefs prosecuted in the the case of journalist threatened with death

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Adrian Iacob, rector of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy in Bucharest and Petrică-Mihail Marcoci, pro-rector of the same institution have been prosecuted in the he case of Emilia Sercan, the journalist who received death threats. The two police chiefs are charged with instigation to blackmail and have been placed under judiciary control for 60 days, facing restrictions pending trial.

Anti-corruption prosecutors had conducted several searches at the houses of the Police Academy rector and of four of his subordinates in this file on Wednesday.

There is on ongoing investigation in this file that pointed so far that an officer, employed at the Police Academy, is suspected of sending those  threats to Emilia Sercan.

The journalist has filed a complaint to the police and revealed the messages received on her mobile phone where she and her family were threatened regarding the release of several investigations she had conducted on the issue of plagiarism in the academic environment, including PhD theses at the Police Academy.

According to DNA prosecutors, police officer Gheorghe Adrian Bărbulescu, working at the Police Academy, would have sent on Emilia Sercan’s mobile and on her Facebook Messenger account several threatening messages in order to force her to stop the journalistic investigations over several top leaders of the police Academy and over the way they had obtained their PhD titles.

The defendant threatened the journalist that, if she doesn’t stop, she will be subject to violent acts and that her life will be taken”, DNA prosecutor said.

In retort to the DNA’s move to prosecute the rector an d the pro-rector of the Police Academy, journalist Emilia Sercan reacted on Facebook, stating that she will be able to talk “about the diabolic sizes of this story” only after the file gets to the court and becomes public.

“I said right from the first moment when I found out that officer had been taken for hearings that he can be just a mere enforces and the moral authors are some other people, considering the officer is very young, he had just graduated faculty a year ago and has been working at the Police Academy without having any connections with the PhD thesis area”, Sercan added.

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