Police officers who refused to help bleeding girl in Galati not yet suspended, to go on missions as foot patrol. Child Protection head resigns

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The police officers who did not intervene in the case of the 14yo girl found bleeding on the streets in Galati are under internal disciplinary investigation. As a first sanction, they’ll go on missions as a foot patrol from now on, without the right to use the police car.

However, their activity is not suspended. One of the police officers is an agent who graduated the police agent college in 2016 and the other one was hired in the police from external source in 2017.

The two police officers, a man and a woman, were shot on camera while refusing to intervene to help a girl covered in blood on the street, allegedly the victim of a rape.

Interim Interior minister Mihai Fifor has told a press conference that the chief of the police section is also under investigation, stressing that the ones to blame will „go home” after the investigation is concluded.

“The two agents are already under internal investigation, as well as the chief of the Police Section 1 in Galati. I have no tolerance to the deviation from the duty and from the law. If they are wrong, they will deserve the full rigor of the law”, Fifor said.

The minister said that policemen are human beings, first of all.

It is not acceptable to see such images where two police agents don’t even bother to get out of the car when a child full of blood needs support. This cannot be accepted. The ones who did wrong will go home. There is no compromise on this principle”, the minister added.

Police trade union leader Dumitru Coarna has also slammed the lack of intervention of the two police officers. “It is the procedure of callousness. It is not acceptable. Even when we have doubts we have to check. It was a mixed patrol, the girl was hired from external sources in 2017. The boy graduated the police college in 2016. You had two standard procedures: either you transported the girl to the hospital, or you called the ambulance. You don’t have to graduate a thousand schools to know you must help a person,” the union leader  said.

Deputy head of local child protection body resigns over controversial statement

The deputy director of the Child Protection Directorate Galati, Ciprian Groza, has resigned on Tuesday, after his statement the day before that the bleeding girl “had been an unfortunate event” and that she had consented the sexual intercourse.

The 14-year-old girl living in a day care centre told the doctors on the ambulance she had been raped and the medical tests at the hospital revealed she had a serious vaginal rupture and a strong bleeding.

Later on, the deputy director of Galati Child Protection Directorate said she had not been raped, but had consented sex with his boyfriend, a 15-yead-old boy. However, his statement is awkward as the girl was minor and was in the care of the centre he was leading.

The boy was found by policemen later on Monday and he was taken for hearings to the Prosecutor’s Office. He is suspected of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

It seems the two teenagers had met on Facebook and established to have a date.

The president of the Galati County Council, Costel Fotea, has threatened he will dismiss Groza if he refuses to resign. Moreover, Fotea announced checks will start at the headquarters of the Galati Child Protection Directorate and at the day care centre where the girl was living.

At the same time,the management of the Child Protection directorate has kicked off its own investigation to probe if the day care centre had observed procedures when it issued a hall pass to the girl to go out.

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