Police trade union asks for Interior Minister Dan’s resignation: “We went on patrol in coffins”

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After penitentiary trade unions had taken a tough stand against former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea and after a local policeman’s against PSD MP Catalin Radulescu became viral, today it’s been the police trade unions’ turn to slam the representatives of the incumbent ruling.

Vice-president of the National Trade Union of Policemen in Romania (SNPR) Decus, Bogdan Bănică, has posted several messages against Interior minister Carmen Dan, asking for her to resign and saying she has trampled the policemen’s dignity, humiliated them and send them on patrol in four-wheel coffins.

It’s high time to go home, Mrs. Dan. For your permanent two-faced attitude that you have had since the start of your term. For you lied to us with a big smile during parades or with fake tears while our heroes were lying dead. For you have changed #nothing really in this ministry, despite all promises. For you allowed, by scheming and plotted, so that criminals could laugh at us, under the cover of the red umbrella. For you listened, with your head down, other orders sent despite all risks, just to protect a criminal of ordinary law, who is behind bars now. For you trampled our dignity, by maintaining the salaries at the level of 2009, for you sent us on patrol in four-wheeled coffins, for you sentenced us to death in missions with 30-year-old equipment”, said the police trade union leader.

The trade union leader further accused minister Dan of humiliating police officers and of sending “to be hacked and slaughtered in missions or on the train platforms”. He referred to the case of a young police officer from Suceava stabbed to death by an offender on the train platform in the city in 2017.

Banica added that Carmen Dan had wanted to go down in history and she had succeeded, but she will be remembered as “the most incompetent, occult, servile and boring Interior minister that Romania has ever had since 1990.”

The bone is over, there is nothing that the master could give to you. It’s time, Mrs, Dan, if you have the slightest honour, to step down!”, Bogdan Banica ends his post.

In a previous post, the vice-president of the Decus police trade union used to ironically comment he doesn’t understand why everybody is against minister Dan, for “she has really done …nothing”, although she had promised “the pie in the sky” to policemen, arms, laws, stun guns, or body cams”.

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