Policeman from Suceava stabbed to death in the city’s railway station

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A police officer from the Railway Transports was killed in Suceava railway station on Thursday night, apparently with no reason. Video cameras caught a young man while coming to the police officer and stabbing him several times.

The killer, a 24-year-old young man from Valea Moldovei commune, was arrested on Friday morning, with investigators trying to find the reason.

The police officer was on the platform when the young man came towards him and stabbed him.

The agent fell down and then the guy kept on stabbing him,” the spokesperson of the Suceava Police said.

The attacker has been captured immediately by another two police officers who were in a train that was just stopping in Suceava railaway station; they were helped by another two passers-by.

A SMURD team came on the site to save the police officer, but despite the doctors’ efforts, he passed away.

Investigators say that there was no previous conflict between the policeman and the aggressor and that the crime had apparently no reason.

The policeman was 38 years old and has worked for the Railway Police for 15 years. The man was married and had two children.

Interior minister Carmen Dan sent her condolences to the unconsoled family. She stated that the police officer was on patrol mission, “accompanied by at least one colleague”.

However, later on, the minister admitted that the policeman was alon on the platform when he was attacked and he was helped by some passers-by until the other police officers came along.

A colleague of the dead policeman posted a tough message against the Interior minister on Facebook, rhetorically asking her how many policemen have to die for actions to be taken.

It hasn’t been a month since I was publicly <screaming>: OUR COLLEAGUES ARE DYING IN THE STREET! Did anyone care? NO…they decided to investigate me for this. My colleague, was in mission ALONE, with the chiefs’ knowing that. I personally consider them directly responsible, GUILTY for Sorin’s death….(…) How many of us have to die, Mrs. Minister? How many of us do you have to advance post-portem, Mrs. Minister? How many wives, children have to cry, <consoled> by the bland messages of MAI, while burying their heroes?” the colleague wrote.


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