Policeman replies to AKM MP: I’ll give the money back, you exit politics. Deal?

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A message posted by a policeman has become viral. The message is addressed to PSD Deputy Catalin Radulescu (photo), aka. AKM MP, who said on Monday that doctors, farmers, pensioners and other should return the increased wages and pensions, due to their vote on Sunday.

“If you believe our decisions in the past 2 years for farmers and pensioners and doctors were not good, then these people should reject our measures and go along with PNL and USR. (…) The doctors who received wages four times higher should return them and leave the country. The pensioners should do the same. The farmers should return the subsidies,” Radulescu said, quoted by stirileprotv.ro.

Policeman Ionut Rasica posted on Facebook his message, telling the AKM MP he has won his position by competition and had high marks for passing the exams.

“You, aberrant! I earn my wage by hard work, not by vote. The vote is a constitutional right, expressed by every citizen according to his convictions. Only an aberration of the political environment, like you and others alike, can put it together with patrimonial value,” the policeman wrote.

He added that he competed in school, 10 candidates per position, and the exams were tougher than the lies said on TV. “The exams I passed, considering your level of grammar and school, you would not get a 5,” Ionut Rasica said.

On the other hand, the policeman underlines: we catch criminals, you set them free!

“For us, criminals at large are reason for alert, we cannot rest until we catch them; you cannot rest until you release them. The hands we put handcuffs on, you entrust them with state dignities. Our working day is meant to enforce the criminal legislation, your working day is dedicated to slaughtering it,” the message reads.

Ionut Rasica says he agrees to return the money cashed in lately, only if the PSD Deputy agrees to exit the political scene.

“You, aberrant! I’ll give you the money back anytime. In 2017 you adopted a bill to increase my wage by 25% every year and, since then, in every December you adopt a GEO not to enforce it. Overall, my wage is up by RON 300-400. Due to your lies, people believe I am a luxury state employee, at the same level with the doctors and employees with the city halls and the ministries’ agencies. Meanwhile, you release criminals and my volume of work has increased by 50%. (…) I accept to return the money, I’ll go to the ATM to give it to you, but you exit politics, ok?” the policeman wrote.

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