Polish tourist attacked by she-bear in Rodnei Mountains escapes injury

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A Polish tourist, attacked by a she-bear in Rodnei Mountains, Maramures, has miraculously escaped any injury.

The tourist has been attacked by a she-bear with cubs, but managed to get away after he had taken shelter in a shack and called 112 to ask for help.

The mountain rescuers from Viseu, Maramures county, northern country, have recovered the Polish tourist on Monday night. While passing the Setref Gorge to Rodnei Mountains, the tourist has been attacked by an aggressive she-bear, but managed to run away and take refuge in a shack.

When he was found, the tourist recounted that the she-bear was hanging around the shelter until the mountain rescuers arrived on the spot.

Rodnei Mountains are a common hiking place for Romanian and foreign tourists due to their beauty, but incidents may happen from time to time. Two Ukrainian tourists who were hiking in have got lost due to fog in Rodnei Mountains in August this year. They were eventually found after 24 hours.

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