Pollution close to Bucharest – Hydrogen sulphide emissions northwest of the Capital city

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The Ministry of Environment has identified values of hydrogen sulphide exceeding the normal limits, in the northwest of the capital, the smell of which the Bucharest residents complain about most likely comes from the landfill IRIDEX – Chiajna. The authorities will carry out checks.

Commissioner General with the National Environmental Guard, Bogdan Gheorghe Trif, said on Sunday in a press conference that pollution experienced by citizens in northwest Bucharest, who have already filed 1,000 complaints, is caused by hydrogen sulphide emissions which exceed the normal limits. Pollution comes, most likely from the landfill located in the northwest of the capital, IRIDEX-Chiajna. In such circumstances, environmental authorities will carry out checks.

The districts affected are Pajura, Bucurestii Noi, Crângaşi, Militaryi, Drumul Taberei and the localities of Chiajna and Chitila.

Starting Monday, commissioners with the Bucharest Environmental Guard of the National Environmental Guard will conduct a comprehensive check on this objective, aimed mainly at identifying potential emissions of the plant causing this pollution.

Data found by the Ministry of Environment are not yet a threat to Bucharest, but the Commissioner assured that the ministry will also work with the public health departments.

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