Premiere in Romania: Two red pandas born at the Brașov Zoo


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The “family” of the red panda from the Brașov Zoo – Peggy and Benji – welcomed the first cubs born in captivity in Romania, according to Buna Ziua Brasov.

The two red panda cubs were born on June 18, have passed the critical stage of development, and are now developing well. On Wednesday, their first assessment was made, they were presented at a press conference, and from now on they will be monitored weekly. The two cubs are a male and a female. At Wednesday’s assessment, the male weighed 415 grams and the female 520.

The two cubs are the first red panda chicks born in captivity in Romania. By the age of five months, the two red panda babies will be breastfed, only after that they will be weaned, which is why they can only be seen when they go out with their mother, somewhere after two months.

For the time being, the two red panda cubs do not have names, with Brasov residents being invited to find some names for them.

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