President Iohannis announces total quarantine in Romania as of March 25

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced today after the meeting he had with PM Ludovic Orban and with several ministers that new restrictions will be enforced for citizens, with circulation restrictions becoming mandatory. As for tomorrow, March 2, Romanians are not allowed to get out of their houses anymore, except for emergencies, for current shopping or to go to work, which means total quarantine is imposed.

Iohannis underlined that people over 65 are not allowed to get out of the house at all.

Moreover, the authorities decided to use the Army to enforce these new restrictions. The Army will supplement the Police to ensure the rules are observed.

In the case of people under quarantine or in isolation, they will wear electronic devices so that they could be checked if they leave their residence.

“We have just ended a working session with PM Ludovic Orban, and with the Interior, Defence and Health ministers (…) We agreed that additional measures are needed to limit the spread of the coronavirus infection”, the President said.

“Therefore, new circulation restrictions will be enforced, in the way that what has been so far a recommendation becomes obligation. Of course, people can go out to go to work and return from work, or do basic food shopping. But these restrictions become obligations!”.


The head of state mentioned these restrictions will be enshrined in a military ordinance to be concluded by the end of the day, while restrictions will be enforced as of tomorrow, March 25 at 00:00hrs.

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