President Iohannis’ muscles going viral on social media

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The photos featuring President Klaus Iohannis getting the anti-Covid 19 jab also revealed that he is in a very good shape for his age, with that prompting a wave of reactions on the social media channels.

After the head of state had been photographed wearing a black polo T-shirt revealing his muscles during the vaccination, his Facebook account was flooded by thousands of shares, likes and comments, but also questions about his good physical shape, like “Where do you work out?”

The Presidential Administration’s post with Klaus Iohannis getting the vaccine gathered over 40,000 likes and generated over 8,000 comments in just three hours.

Some of the net surfers’ comments: “I have to hit the gym!“, “In the name of all women, thank you. Please, if it’s possible for the rappel, we would like to see if you also do sit-ups“, “No belly, worked out biceps when you are 60. Another clear proof he is not Romanian”, “I initially thought it is a commercial for a fitness room”, “We finally have a country brand!”

Internet memes and funny trick photos of the moment of the President’s vaccination didn’t miss either.

The Swedish Embassy to Romania, known for its success on social media and funny posts, has trolled Klaus Iohannis with a joke about how the Viking workout for the arms’ muscles is looking like.

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