President Iohannis photographed with mountain rescuers on the Bucegi Plateau

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President Klaus Iohannis has climbed on the Bucegi Plateau on Saturday and made photos with the mountain rescuers who had just coming back from an intervention.

The President was in the Babele area.

He met a rescue team that was just returning from a mission at a cable car station. According to the head of the Busteni Rescue Service, Gheorghe Haiduc, the mountain rescuers saved a foreign female tourist who had broken her leg on the mountain. The tourist was born in Hong Kong, but she is living in Greece. “When we got to the station, we met Mr. president. We talked and made photos,” Haiduc said.

Klaus Iohannis is known for his passion to climb the mountains, being frequently caught on camera by the tourists met on the mountain tracks.

The President and his wife Carmen climbed the Parâng Massif at the end of July this year. Iohannis was seen in a photo posted on Facebook by a shepherd met on the route. The photo became viral on the Internet.

President Klaus Iohannis was also seen in a photo on Nehoiu Peak in the Fagaras Mountains in September last year, with a group of tourists.


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