President Iohannis slams Gov’t on safety in schools over death of 3yo in Iasi, on PR campaign in hospitals

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President Klaus Iohannis has criticised the Social Democrat Government again, accusing it’s just conducting a PR campaign on the healthcare issues, while safety in schools is poor, referring to the recent death of a 3yo boy while he was in a schoolyard in a village in Iasi, eastern Romania.

The tragedy in Iasi county, where a 3-year-old boy lost his life after falling down in a septic tank in the schoolyard, is “revolting” and “painful”, President Iohannis says in a press release on Tuesday. The head of state warned there are schools in Romania where safety is not a priority, while urging the rulers to take immediate actions to prevent a similar case.

„This drama, which is not singular, unfortunately, still proves that in many schools in Romania, safety of the educational area is not guaranteed and does not represent a priority either. Over 4 million Romanians, children and adults, spend almost 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the undergraduate education centres. They all should feel and be safe in their schools, while providing proper facilities cannot just be a mere aspiration, but an obligation of all responsible factors,” reads the President’s press release.

The Romanian president reiterated the message that it is mandatory schools have operating licences, sanitary permits and be safe and that the Government has the duty to urgently achieve that.

Klaus Iohannis has also asked all political parties to mobilize its representatives at local level to ensure that the existing serious problems in schools are solved.

„The responsibility of this plan falls under the local and central authorities to the same extent, and it must be assumed as such. The situation of many schools in the country is a national shame for the European Romania in 2019,” the press release further reads.

A 3-year-old boy has died after falling down a septic tank while he was playing in a schoolyard in Buda village, Iasi county, on Monday afternoon. At some point, the 3yo boy, who had come to the school of his brother to play, was gone missing; he was found later on in the septic tank, dead.

Health minister accused of PR stunt

At the same time, President Iohannis said at Cotroceni Palace today that he finds revolting the fact that the Health minister Sorina Pintea has started a rather PR campaign than an information one across hospitals in the country.

The President argued that the World Health Day has been turned by the government decision makers in a questionable show, with punishments and demonstrative checks. “I know the health system in Romania very well, I was a patient in the public hospitals in the country and I know what the doctors and nurses, researchers are facing,” Iohannis pointed out during the awarding ceremony of several medical institutions.

The head of state added that the PSD rulinh is a failure from the top to bottom, including in the healthcare and that the Social Democrats’ promises to build new hospitals and to revamp the existing ones had been shattered.

PSD has promised no less than 8 regional hospitals and a republican hospital. It has also promised the rehabilitation, modernization and equipment of the existing hospitals. There are commitments stated in black and white in their ruling programme, assumed and voted in parliament. What happened to them? It’s simple, they were shattered, like the vows on the economy, education or infrastructure. The public agenda has been seized for 2 years by the personal problems of the PSD leaders who have legal problems, while citizens are suffering more and more because of the rulers’ incompetence,” Iohannis stated.

The President accused Health minister Sorina Pintea that she has embarked on a PR campaign across the Romanian hospitals, which is „revolting”, while the rulers do nothing to help the medical staff.

„It’s revolting that the Health minister has started a rather PR campaign than an information one across hospitals in the country. How can anyone believe that PSD will ever build hospitals? Despite daily scandals through which the Government tries to gain some image capital, most doctors and nurses remain professional. What do rulers in order to help them? Not much, besides some authority excesses which are trying to cover the lack of concrete actions to support the healthcare sector”, Iohannis argued.

In retort, minister Pintea said that people are outraged of the results of the checks she is conducting across hospitals and that she doesn’t need the President’s help anyway.

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