President Iohannis to launch his new book on Wednesday

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President Klaus Iohannis will launch his third book at National Theatre in Bucharest on Wednesday. The book called “EU.RO. An open dialogue about Europe” is ‘a guide summing up the history of the European Union and of the institutions defining it, of the values and of the main challenges that it’s facing at present”, as reads a press release by the Curtea Veche Publishing House.

I have tried to present, in an accessible way, the main mechanisms, values and relevant political topics for the European construction. My intention was to provide the layman reader with concise explanations and with answers to essential questions, which are preoccupying a high number of citizens and which can generate confusions. The questions to which I tried to provide answers in this book are very varied, and they start from our historical legitimacy to belong to the Community space and end with the manner we project our presence in the Union in the upcoming period.

At the same time, they underlay the belief that it’s the politicians’ duty to inform their own citizens about the way political mechanisms are working and about the great topics that are requiring the entire world’s attention today,” Klaus Iohannis says in the foreword.

The volume could be booked with an autograph on during April 8-16. The price of a book is RON 59.

Iohannis published two more books: “Step by Step” (2014) and “The First Step” (2015).


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