President: State of emergency not to be extended. Hair salons, dental offices and museums to open as of May 15


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President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Monday after a meeting on the management of the COVID-19 crisis with the PM and several ministers, that he will not extend the state of emergency after May 14 and that Romania  will be on alert after mid-May.

The head of state also announced that hair salons, dental offices and museums will be opened on May 15 and citizens will be able to leave their locality of residence only for several reasons: for medical grounds, for work, but also for individual sports activities. However, he specified that restrictions will not be eased in the quarantined localities.

Other restrictions will be lifted after another two weeks, namely, after June 1, also depending on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

We all saw that things had gone well. I am very content with the way people have reacted to the authorities’ call and we had no significant violations of rules even if it was May 1“, the president said.

First of all, the state of emergency will not be extended. I will not issue a new decree, so May 14 is the last day of emergency state. Starting May 15, in order to keep the epidemic under control, we’ll though be on alert. This state of alert is envisaged in the specific legislation that clarifies how one should act under an epidemic.

The situation has not been yet improved. I don’t want you to understand that the epidemic is gone. It isn’t, unfortunately. Today we had over 300 new coronavirus cases“, Iohannis underlined.

Therefore, after May 15 people will be able to go out in their locality without filling in an affidavit, with the head of state though stressing that “it’s not case to exaggerate” with going out as the epidemic is not over yet.

Also from May 15 the face mask will be mandatory in enclosed public spaces and in the public transport means.

Traveling outside the locality of residence will be still banned, with some exceptions. The Romanian President said that travel restrictions outside the locality of residence will be allowed only on certain conditions: for medical issues, for work and for individual sports activities.

Encounters with no more than 3 people together will be still banned.

As of May 15, hair salons, dental offices and museums will re-open.

Athletes will be allowed to start their training under special conditions, but sports competitions will be still forbidden. No sports centres will be re-opened yet for amateurs.

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