Priest finds envelope with EUR 5,000 in a toilet during Pope Francis’ visit in Blaj

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A priest attending the ceremony on the Liberty Plain in Blaj officiated by Pope Francis during his visit in Romania last Sunday has found an envelope with EUR 5,000 in the toilet destined for the VIP guests. He gave the money to the Police, but it had not been claimed until this hour.

The priest found the cash in an envelope fallen on the floor in the toilet and he immediately went to the policemen who were deployed on the scene.

Alba County Police Inspectorate has confirmed that a person among pilgrims attending the religious ceremony has found an envelope full of cash. Investigations are under way to detect the person who lost the envelope. So far, the money has not been claimed.

Alba Police spokesperson said they cannot give further details as there is a certain procedure through which the person who is claiming a lost item must provide several information.
According to legal procedures, if no person is reclaiming the sum in a certain period of time, the state will take possession of the money.


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