Prince Nicolae: I cannot be held responsible based on rumours, I cannot straighten unless I know where I’m wrong

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In an exhaustive interview for ‘Evenimentul zilei (former) Prince Nicolae explains some of the issues rumoured about him during the last year. On the other hand, he himself expresses perplexity in regard to some problems.

On August 10, 2015 Romania’s Royal House announced that Prince Nicolae, the son of Princess Elena, has been removed from the line of succession to the throne and has been also stripped of the “Romania’s Prince” and “Royal Highness” titles. According to a Royal House’s press release, on August 1 this year H.M. King Mihai signed a document enforcing these decisions.

Prince Nicolae’s main answers:

– Until September 2015, when it was the 90-year anniversary of my grandmother, I haven’t seen the King for almost a year. That was the last time I saw my family. Referring to my mother and the rest of the royal family, now relations are very cold.

– If indeed it was a decision based on something concrete, I’ll respect it as I respect the King, both from the position of former Prince of Romania, but especially as his grandson. I assumed it with dignity, although I was surprised by the writing of that document and I’ve chosen to leave Romanians the possibility to draw conclusions by knowing me and my activity during the 3 years when I acted as prince.

– I heard many rumours about my behaviour, rumours not accompanied by concrete facts. I cannot be held responsible based on rumours and I cannot even straighten unless I know where I’m wrong. However, I have always endeavoured to assume the title and the responsibilities that come with it and I wanted constantly to initiate and promote actions beneficial for Romania and especially for my generation.

– There is a possibility that some of my initiatives have not necessarily been consistent with expectations.

– I am puzzled by the source of false information, which formed the basis for the decision communicated by that letter.

– There was no concrete explanation as to how my work in social and cultural fields was perceived and, above all, I’ve ‘lost’ my family or what I thought it was my family, the issue that seems to be the worst in the current situation.

– For some time rumours circulated in the press about me, about my relationship with the King after the withdrawal of the title. What I can say exactly is that I failed to meet my grandfather at the beginning of the year, when I made a trip to Switzerland, just to see him, because I was not allowed to.

– The revocation of the title was as much a surprise to me as it was for the public. There was never a discussion between me and the King on the subject, before I was excluded from succession and my title was revoked. I was asked to come back from vacation and on the morning of August 10 I learned what had been discussed and had been decided 10 days before, in my absence.

– I am very lucky to have friends which stood by me, continue to be with me and offered me help in the time when my life has totally changed. The changes involved making decisions about a job, a place to live, where I could work, where I could live, and where I can have a natural, normal social life. I’m not ashamed to admit that the events had an emotional impact on me and on my health, because everything I’ve done or created as prince was with much dedication, much involvement and devotion.

– I feel that I represented Romania and my family with dignity and with the best intentions. As I previously said, now the relations with the whole family are cold, including with my mother, but I cannot speak about her.

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