Princely visit at Magura Zimbrilor, where a unique aurochs’ rewilding action is due this weekend

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HRH Prince Alexander von Liechtenstein and HRH Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein visited Romania last week, on June 6 to launch a school program targeting pupils in Armeni? and Teregova, Cara?-Severin County, next to WWF România and Rewilding Europe. This is their first visit in Romania.

“Armeni? reminds me of childhood-rural scenery, natural woods, pastures, clean gills and hospitable people who live their simple lifes in harmony with nature. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to see a piece of my youth again. I hope this will be preserved for Romania in the future,” Prince Alexander stated, according to a WWF release.

HRH Theodora is a founding member of Green Teen Team and together have launched a challenge for the schools located in the area of the project which aims to place the aurochs back in their wild habitat. The project is implemented by WWF Romania and Rewilding Europe in the Southern Carpathians. Princess Theodora’s challenge consisted in the schools’ presenting a conservation project that the pupils also have to implement in the upcoming two years.

Among the Romanian pupils’ projects there was an initiative of collecting wild medicinal plants and of sending them to the poor countries where there is a medicine shortage, a raisinf awarness campaign amidst hunters on the endangered species, a forestation project, an ecology summer cap dedicated organized by children, but also a innovative idea regarding a transit mobile brigde for the wild animals that are facing habitat fragmentantion, which actually received an honorable prize.

“Our visit was incredibly moving, we had the opportunity to present Green Teen Team’s targets to the Romanian pupils and to discover their great ideas. The visit in the aurochs’ rewilding area was an unforgettable experience,” Princess Theodora said.

The princess, rangers and WWF members took a trip in Magura Zimbrilor rewilding area to see the herd of aurochs. One of the rangers in Armeni? showed the children how the telemetry works, the group having to search for the aurochs’ herd in the repopulation 150 –hectare area, with the help of identification collars worn by two specimens.

14 aurochs belonging to the Magura Zimbrilor herd are on the verge of being set free in a protected area of aprox. 59,000 hectares. The aurochs were not easy to find, as their behaviour have changed over the past year. They regained their wild instincts and they beware of men. They were eventually found in a thick forest, eating bark.

The last week’s visit came few days ahead an historic moment for the auroch’ s conservation in the Southern Carpathians: Tarcu Mountains will shelter the second wild aurochs’ herd, 14 aurochs that are brough from other European reserves on Friday, June 12 and that are supposed to live freely in the Southern Carpthians in the last two centuries.

The first aurochs’ group brought in Romania last year will be set free in the wilderness of Tarcu Mountains. The action is due this weekend. The aurochs’ rewidling process in this area in the next ten years will help this species to get out of the extinction danger zone and will support local comunnities to benefit of the natural values in the region.


The Romania Journal is taking part to this unique experience and will present a special feature on the aurochs’ rewilding action in the upcoming days.

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