‘Principesa Margareta of Romania’ Foundation announces the launch of the “Elderly telephone line”

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The ‘Principesa Margareta of Romania’ Foundation announces the launch of ‘Elderly telephone line’ – the first free phone for help and advice for elderly people in our country, a project developed in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation and funded by the programme Mobile for Good amounting to EUR 68,500.
According to a recent GFK survey for Princess Margareta of Romania, about 1.5 million seniors are affected by loneliness. The same study shows that precarious financial situation, health problems, dependency on others, feelings of worthlessness and loneliness and the lack interlocutors are the five main problems faced by the elderly in Romania.
“We want to listen to the elderly issues in Romania, to offer them opportunities to participate in society and to capitalize their experience. We also want to mobilize local communities to support these people who were at one time the pillars of our society and should be treated with due respect,” said Mugurel Margarit Enescu, executive director of the ‘Principesa Margareta of Romania’ Foundation in a press release on Tuesday.
The phone number is 0800.460.001, older people being able thus to receive advice and are guided by operators specialized in social welfare of the ‘Principesa Margareta of Romania’ Foundation. This free telephone line is available from Monday to Friday, from 8.00h to 20.00h.

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