Professors and students of several universities in Bucharest, other cities, join magistrates’ protest


Professors and students of the University of Bucharest and of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), have voiced their solidarity with the magistrates’ protest against GEO 7 and the amendments of the justice laws. Similar protests were staged in other renowned academic centres in the country.

SNSPA announced on Thursday it is joining the magistrates’ protest and colleagues in other universities, by condemning „any attempt of politically subordinating justice”.

We are strongly condemning the repeated attempts of politically subordinating justice and the frequent violations of the rule of law and human rights in our country,” reads a SNSPA press release.

In their opinion, the founding of a special section to investigate magistrates in an autonomous body from the Prosecutor’s Office, „which started its activity with some actions in the interest of the ruling politicians, represents a clear threat against democracy and rule of law, casting a shadow of doubt on the European values assumed by Romania”.

Although we don’t consider that justice would be the only problem of Romania or that the current judiciary system would work beyond reproach, we are protesting against the obvious attempts of the incumbent ruling power to obtain a political control over this system, which reminds of the period before Romania joined EU,” concludes the press release, which is signed by several deans, vice-deans and professors.

On Wednesday, the University of Bucharest had also announced its solidarity with the magistrates’ protests, arguing that the rule of law and independence of justice mus be provided by all responsible citizens.

Consistent with its attitude to demarcate the academic activity from the political interference of any kind, the University of Bucharest considers that (…) the proper functioning of the rule of law is an essential condition for democracy and the protection of the human rights against the arbitrary actions of the politics in justice, actions that can seriously disrupt the society’s values, its attachment to the justice, equity, honour and responsibility.

Therefore, we voice our solidarity with the magistrates’ initiatives, who ask for the repeal of GEO 7 and for the halting of the measures that question the justice in Romania”, says the press release signed by the university’s rector, professor doctor Mircea Dumitru.

Tens of students and professors of the University of Bucharest (UB), Faculties of Philology and Philosophy faculties, were protesting in support of magistrates and against GEO 7 at this hour. Both professors and students displayed banners with messages like “We are sick of corruption and incompetence” or quotes by famous writers like the one of George Orwell “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”.

The UB protest (including the ones at the Philosophy and Philology faculties) was attended by such public figures and professors as Mircea Dumitru, Gabriel Liiceanu, Andrei Oișteanu, Andrei Cornea, Ioana Pârvulescu, Liviu Papadima or Carmen Mușat.

We owe a lot to the magistrates, what they have done is sublime. We owe them our support. We are not necessarily protesting for them, but for us. We would like to remain free as we became after 1989 through the death of more than 1,000 people. When justice loses its independence, then we are at the pleasure of any political class, of any demagogue, of any person who is putting his interests beyond the interests of the country. The need for freedom is what is driving us here,” Liiceanu said.

Similar protests took place in universities in Sibiu, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca.

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