Professors with the ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iasi collect signatures for Tudorel Toader’s dismissal as rector


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An open letter to be addressed to the Senate of the ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iasi, calling for the dismissal of Tudorel Toader from the position of rector, circulates in the academic environment in Iasi, Reset Iasi civic group informs.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has self-suspended from this position after being appointed as Justice Minister.

The professors’ decision to initiate this approach was made following the meetings held by several civic associations with the representatives of the Senate of ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iasi and the numerous actions within the civil society, reports.

“We are encouraged to have a common position in order to ask for the dismissal of Mr. Tudorel Toader as rector (self-suspended),” the document reads.

“We consider that Mr. Tudorel Toader’s political involvement puts at risk the relations between the university representatives and the social partners and external education partners, the relations between the employees of our university and, last but not least, the relations with our former, current and future students. Iasi University must remain a European, democratic and apolitical institution, in accordance with the values it promotes in its founding and functioning acts,” the open letter reads.

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