Profile of the voters in the EP elections this year

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Youngsters in big cities have mainly voted for the USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 in the recently finished EP elections in Romania.

Most of the PNL’s voters have secondary education, while most of the voters who voted for PSD have an income below RON 1,500, according to an IRES survey conducted on the day of elections.

The survey is drafting a profile of the voter for the first three parties ranked in the EP election of May 26.

Profile of PNL voters

PNL voters are mainly women (54%), middle aged (30% are from 36 to 50 years old), they are mainly living in the countryside (56%), have secondary education (46%) and elementary education (42%), they have no income or below RON 1,500 (56%), says IRES.

People living in southern Romania (40%), Transylvania and Banat have mainly voted for the Liberals (39%). 21% of the respondents voting for PNL are from Moldavia.

A third of the PNL voters are working in private companies (33%), 29% are pensioners, a fifth are unemployed and around one in five of them are working in state institutions.

Over 80% of the PNL voters have said YES to both questions in the referendum.

The IRES survey also reveals that 53% of the PNL voters are not interested in politics or have less interest. 72% of them are net surfers and 62% Facebook users.

Profile of PSD voters

PSD voters are rather women (53%), 42% of them are older than 65yo, 28% are aged from 51 to 65 and 17% are aged from 36 to 50. 13% of the PSD voters are young.

Over half of the PSD voters have elementary education (55%) and only 9 pc have graduated university. 27% have secondary education.

Roughly half of them are living in the south of the country, less than one third are from Transylvania and Banat and 23 % from Moldavia.

65% of the PSD voters have maximum incomes of RON 1,500 at the most.

IRES said that 58% of the voters of the Social Democrats are pensioners, only one in ten are working in the private business environment, 12% are state employees and 16% are unemployed.

The survey also revealed that one in ten PSD voters have received direct calls to attend or not attend the referendum on justice. 59% of them say they voted YES for the first question, while 61% voted YES for the second one.

Less over 40% of the PSD followers are using Internet, while 65% of them say they don’t use Facebook. 47% of the PSD voters are not interested in politics.

Profile of USR-PLUS voters

The voters of the USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 are mostly men (57%). 8 in 10 are 50 years old at the most: half of them are youngsters aged from 18 to 35%, 30% are aged from 36 to 50. Only 5 pc are older than 65. Almost 8 in 10 are living in the urban areas and over 40% in big cities (with over 200,000 inhabitants).

45% of the Alliance 2020 voters are coming from the south, 37% from Transylvania and Banat and 18% from Moldavia. More than one third of them have higher education, 47% have secondary education and 19% elementary education.

One in five have incomes over RON 4,000 per month, 47% have incomes ranging from RON 1,501 to RON 4,000, and 31% RON 1,500 at the most.

51% of the USR-PLUS voters are employed in the private companies. One in ten is a pensioner, 16% are unemployed and 15% are state employees.

They have almost unanimously attended both the EP elections and the referendum and decided to take part in the ballot before the electoral campaign started. 91% of the USR-PLUS voters have answered YES to both questions of the referendum.

93% of the Alliance 2020 use the Internet and 83% are Facebook users. 65% of these voters said they are interested in politics.

The survey has been conducted on 6,210 people aged over 18, residents on the Romanian territory on Sunday, Many 26.

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