Prosecutor General asks Iohannis to Ok criminal prosecution against ex-president Iliescu, ex-PM Roman in the Revolution file

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Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar (photo) has sent president Klaus Iohannis the request for criminal prosecution against former president Ion Iliescu, former PM Petre Romania and former minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu in the Revolution file related to charges of crime against humanity, the General Prosecutor’s Office has announced on Monday.

The Prosecutor General’s request is based on the legal and constitutional provisions (article 109, line 2 of the Romanian Constitution, and articles 12 and 19 of the law 115/1999) as well as on the Constitutional Court’s ruling no.270 from March 10, 2008,” says the Prosecutor’s Office press release.

Ion Iliescu’s deeds as member and president of the National Salvation Front Council are investigated. The National Salvation Front was set up on December 22, 1989, as de facto body that exerted the central executive and legislative rule until the decree of December 27, 1989, when the president of the council also gained the position as head of state, in this case, Ion Iliescu.

Petre Roman, member of the National Salvation Front Council, was officially named prime minister by the decree on December 26, 1989, while Gelu Voican Voiculescu, also member of the National Salvation Front Council, was appointed deputy prime minister.

Later on Monday, the Presidency confirmed it received the Prosecutor General’s request.

Military prosecutors announced at the end of last year that investigation has substantially advanced in the Revolution file, with investigators ascertaining that evidence related to the organization of the revolution had been destroyed and that there had been three attempts to assassinate communist dictators Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

Prosecutors decided to hear numerous witnesses and collaborated with historians, writers and journalists who had boned up on the events of December 1989. They also decided to further check the military and civilian archives of the Romanian Senate.

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Petre Roman retorts: A real manipulation

Petre Roman was first to retort, saying he is astonished and outraged by the criminal prosecution request, while asking why he Revolution file is not referring to those who ordered shooting at people.

I am at least astonished. How could I have been involved, who was I to give any orders at that moment? I myself could have lost my life on the barricade. 39 of the fellows were killed. Units of the army shot at us back then. How could have I influenced the Army? I had no position whatsoever. It’s astonishing, just absurd. Why is there no referral in this request to those who were leading the Army at that time?”, Roman said.

The former premier also asked what is the aim at this criminal prosecution request against him.

I became prime minister on December 27, when these things had already ended. How could I have intervened in any way until then? In no way (…) I see thins thing as a real manipulation,” he added

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