Prosecutor General: Someone is manipulating the Justice Minister

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Romania’s Prosecutor General has retorted on the Justice Minister’s announcement to assess his activity on Sunday evening, arguing it aims to destabilize the prosecutor’s offices and to stop the files pending in court. Augustin Lazar told Digi24 that the discussion about the Public Ministry’s protocols is intended to manipulate the public opinion and reminded that it started from a person involved in criminal procedures (editor note: PM’s adviser Darius Valcov, who is sentenced to prison in a corruption case in a first court).

What we can notice now is a new aggression amid the series of actions against the Public Ministry, an important institution on the rule of law in Romania. I had amicable, reasonable relations with the Justice minister lately, it seemed nothing bothered him.

I think someone took him by surprise and thought of launching a false topic in the public space, to manipulate the public opinion and to destabilize the Public Ministry.

What is this topic- the alleged recent disclosure of new protocols between the Public Ministry and SRI, but who discovered it? A person who is summoned to be held accountable in a criminal lawsuit. Does this matter tells you something? I think it’s very relevant, and suddenly the next morning the Justice minister seems to allow being manipulated by this topic. Suddenly, there is an evaluation!

This is impressive-to publicly present a lie- who is the author who is manipulating the minister? the mass media is intelligent, I don’t have to explain who would have to gain from this issue,” Lazar stated.

The Prosecutor General further added that all protocols are known at CSM and Justice Ministry, explaining that „no protocol has been declared illegal by any court, the Public Ministry is functioning by the law and the by the Constitution, and protocols are simple technical working procedures, stipulating how those institutions must cooperate.”

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