Prosecutor Mihaela Iorga: Former Premier, denounced to the DNA by Dinu Pescariu

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Prosecutor Mihaela Iorga has said on Thursday, in support of the challenge filed against the revocation decision from the office from the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), that the request is ‘intellectual forgery’, stressing that if the document had been checked, it would have been noticed that Dinu Pescariu in fact denounced an alleged influence peddling deed by a former prime-minister, informs.

“The revocation request is an intellectual forgery. In the revocation request it is mentioned that denouncer Pescariu Dinu Mihail denounced on October 14, 2016 a person named Vanesa Iusuf, a witness and the influence peddling buyer – Florica Claudiu, which is not true. Had the Judicial Inspectorate have checked or if the prosecutors department  have requested the document, they would have seen that Pescariu Dinu Mihail denounced another person, an alleged influence peddling by a former prime-minister and denounced himself as influence peddling buyer,” Mihaela Moraru Iorga said in the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) plenum.

According to Realitatea TV, the mentioned prime-minister is reportedly Emil Boc.

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