Prosecutors dealing with the file on August 10 violence, under disciplinary investigation

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The head of the Military Prosecutor’s Office with the Prosecutor General’s Office and two other military prosecutors are being investigated by the Judicial Inspectorate about how they have handled the file on the violence during the August 10 rally in Victoriei Square. They are accused, among others, of not having complied with the administrative decisions ordered by the public prosecutor regarding the way in which this file was handed over for investigation.

The Judicial Inspectorate (IJ) has announced on Tuesday that the disciplinary action was initiated in the case of the head of the Military Prosecutor’s Section with the Prosecutor General’s Office, Gheorghe Cosneanu, and of prosecutors Codruţ Mihalache and Bogdan Ciprian Pârlog with the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Military Court, reports.

They are accused of failing to meet the provisions and the administrative decisions ordered by the Prosecutor General in the handling of the file regarding the August 10 violence.

Concerning prosecutor Codruţ Mihalache, the inspectors say that he has ordered the delegation of prosecutors Ionel Corbu, Radu Cazacu and Adrian Mihai Vornigescu from the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Military Court, thus violating an order of the Prosecutor General reading that, for the criminal prosecution acts, it is banned the delegation of prosecutors from the prosecutor’s office from which the file was taken over.

According to Judicial Inspectorate, the inspectors found that “in relation to the staff and activity status found at the Military Prosecutor Offices and the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Military Court, the delegation of prosecutors was not required, and it was a lack of opportunity.”

The disciplinary action has been submitted to the Prosecutor’s Section for Discipline with the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), which will make a decision in this case.

The military prosecutors opened a criminal file on how the gendarmes intervened during the Diaspora protest rally on August 10 in Victoriei Square. Almost 800 criminal complaints have been filed to the Military Prosecutor’s Office by people who were injured after the gendarmes’ intervention to disperse the demonstrators.


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