Prosecutor’s General: Hexi Pharma owner was supposed to be heard on Monday. Life partner confirms it’s his body


Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar stated on Monday morning that the Hexi Pharma owner, dead in a car crash on Sunday evening, was supposed to be heard on Monday in the diluted disinfectants case, suggesting that “a lot of things would have happened today at the hearings” and that Dan Condrea would have known these things.

The prosecutors have seized several documents, sale contracts clinched by Hexi Pharma with hospitals in Bucharest and in other cities. The prejudice in this case can be assessed today. And the defendant is usually called to be informed about the charges. Preventive measures could have been taken. There are clues that Condrea was to be heard today and many things could have happened. The people involved in such cases always know what is to happen,” Lazar said at the Prosecutor’s Office HQs.

Judicial sources told local media that first information of the investigation point to a suicide case. The case was taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

“It’s an ongoing investigation, but there are strong hints that the dead driver is Dan Condrea. It’s the car of Hexi Pharma company and the ID papers belong to him,” the Prosecutor General added.

However, the prosecutor haven’t confirmed yet that the dead driver is Dan Condrea, as they wait for the forensic doctors to conduct the necropsy in his case. Condrea’s life partner identified him by his clothes right after the accident and she came once again at morgue on Monday, while reconfirming that the corpse is Dan Condrea’s, as sources within Ilfov Medical service revealed. Moreover, prosecutors have also asked for a DNA identification test to establish for sure that the dead person is Dan Condrea. The DNA test is ready in two days.

Meanwhile, the mass media continue to speculate in the circumstance of his death, investigating people close to the Hexi Pharma owner and asking them about his behavior before the accident.

Digi 24 says that Condrea left home quiet upset on Sunday, two hours before the car crash.

The doormen of the residential complex where Condrea was living say that he had left the house around 5 p.m. and that he was angry, upset. Moreover, the doormen said that he had taken a car that he hasn’t usually been using, a car that had belonged to his father, who died in 2011.

How can you tell he was upset, angry?”, the Digi 24 reporter asked one doorman. “He had a robot face, as if he didn’t know what he was doing,” the doorman answered.

Dan Condrea’s current wife would have also told police officers that she had spoken a lot with him on the phone that day, including in the moment of the accident. When the conversation was cut off, she kept on calling him until one police officer came on the scene answered his mobile phone and told her what happened.

Condrea’s wife also recounted that he had told her that he was going out for a fresh air, as he was not feeling well. The wife also said that he was quite nervous and didn’t sleep much.

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