Prosecutor’s Office, DIICOT, SPP and intelligence services not notified over any potential murder attempt against Liviu Dragnea

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The Guard and Protection Service (SPP) has not been notified over any potential murder attempt against Liviu Dragnea, sources within the service told local media.

The sources say that the SPP has not been notified over any elements mentioned by the PSD chairman on Antena 3 Tuesday, regarding the threat and the attempt.

The Prosecutor’s Office, the anti-organized crime directorate DIICOT, as well as intelligence services SRI and SIE also mentioned they had no information about an alleged murder attempt targeting the PSD chairman.

The Romanian Intelligence Service spokesperson, Ovidiu Marincea told Agerpres that the service had not received any official notification from Liviu Dragnea related to an alleged murder attempt. Marincea explained that SRI has no legal duties on protecting Romanian dignitaries.

The new chief prosecutor of DIICOT, Felix Banila, has stated in his turn that there has been no notification on an alleged murder attempt against Liviu Dragnea filed at DIICOT.

I would recommend you address to the Prosecutor’s Office upon Bucharest Tribunal, for murder is not our responsibility. Murder would fall under our authority provided that it is committed by a criminal organized group (…) Or, what the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies has told that interview has not provided enough elements to characterize the group of the four mentioned men as an organized group,” Banila commented.

The SocDem leader Liviu Dragnea, also speaker of the lower chamber of the Parliament, has not benefited of the SPP protection in the past years, while lashing out against SPP head, Lucian Pahontu throughout this period.

Asked early this month if he is guarded by anyone, Dragnea replied: „No, nobody is providing protection to me. I am physical person, on my own. I have nothing against 99% of the SPP officers. But as long as Pahontu is there, I don’t trust the service. His main concern was to report on every officer who was accompanying him,” Dragnea used to say early this month.

Early this year, Dragnea and other Social Democrat leaders launched a harsh attack against SPP director Lucian Pahontu.

I haven’t benefited of the SPP protection, cars and other facilities since I have been Chamber speaker, I turned down since the beginning of my term due to a very serious ground: I don’t trust the head of this institution, Mr. Pahontu, for I know he has been outside his field for several years, he has been using this institution for some years to collect information, on one hand, and, on the other hand, to try to influence members of the Government, of the political parties, and he even succeeded sometimes,” Dragnea said in Febuary.

Chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Tuesday evening that there was a murder attempt against him last year and four foreign citizens came to Romania to assassinate him, at the initiative of a man famous worldwide.

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