Prosecutor’s Office extends criminal prosecution against ex-PM Petre Roman in the Revolution file

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Prosecutor’s Office has decided to extend criminal prosecution against former PM Petre Roman in the Revolution file for crimes against humanity. Prosecutors say that t he former premier has accepted and formalized military diversion  decisions.

Petre Roman was prime minister of Romania starting December 26, 1989. Prosecutors say that Roman used to be „one of the major decision makers of the National Salvation Front Council” and he accepted and formalized military diversion decisions.

Investigators argued that these decisions had been enforced by ordering some military units, fully equipped with fight weapons, including heavy ammunition, to move during the night without an efficient coordination, inside big cities, and without informing other military units in the field about them. At the same time, prosecutors’ accusations refer to the repeated calls on the civil population, partially irresponsibly armed, to get actively involved in defending important cities.

„These actions broadcast through the public television TVR occurred against the generalized terrorist psychosis which was induced by the repeated spread of false information on hostile actions, allegedly belonging to the „terrorist enemy”. These conducts have contributed to loss of life, bodily injuries, suffering and damage of patrimony items,” prosecutors say.

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