Prosecutor’s Office probes into alleged diluted disinfectants in Romanian hospitals


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The Prosecutor’s Office was notified ex-officio in the case of alleged diluted disinfectants after a journalistic investigation by Gazeta Sporturilor revealed that the abstergent solutions used in hospitals would be diluted.

The interim Romania’s Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu stated on Tuesday before the meeting of the Superior Council of Magistracy that the Prosecutor’s Office had been notified ex-officio regarding information released by journalist Catalin Tolontan.

At the same time we notified the criminal prosecution section to make a file in this case,” Licu stated.

The media reported these days that the Romanian authorities are not checking the disinfectants from the hospitals in Romania and there are suspicions that the abstergent solutions are not complaint with the declared standards. According to the Gazeta Sporturilor investigation, Hexi Pharma company, which is the disinfectant supplier for the Romanian hospitals, is providing diluted disinfectants in a much lower concentration than it supposed to be.

The Health minister also announced on Tuesday that he had ordered checkings to probe into the disinfectant solutions in hospitals. The Health Ministry is also about to launch a national programme regarding nosocomial infections.

The National Liberal Party had asked PM Ciolos on Monday to notify his Control Body to probe into the disinfectants issue.

We ask the premier to take immediate actions for, if we see more people dying in Romania because some laws are not being respected, because some companies provide products which are not compliant with the legal norms, it will be a clear moment of unencountered gravity, “ said PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu.

Hexi Pharma reacts, saying its products are OK

In a press release, the Hexi Pharma representatives said that the products Thor and Suprasept referred in the media are used in cleansing the areas and the medical out fits. “All products in the Hexi Pharma portfolio are Okayed by the Health Ministry (….) Besides, all products are periodically checked both by Hexi Pharma, which has contracts with several independent laboratories, and by the big hospitals in the country that have their own microbiology labs.

The documents released in the article are forged, the authors did not publish the original papers or the source. Besides, the format of the document was used by Hexi Pharma five years ago. The fabrication recipe has been always strictly observed,” reads the company’s release.

The company also says that regarding the THOR product, the excerpt from the Public Health Direction report refers to a labeling error regarding the concentration of the product’s use through spraying and not to the concentration of the substances from the product.

Hexi Pharma also states that they have been producing disinfectants for hospitals for over 20 years and that they present countrywide both in public and private hospitals, but without having monopoly however, as the press article mentioned.

They also deny the information according to which thousands of tins have been withdrawn from the market. “If this information had been real, Hexi Pharma would have been definitely bankrupt and the hospitals wouldn’t have bought our products,” reads the press release, also adding that the contracts with the public hospitals are signed following public sales and if the products had been inneficient for 20 years, the prevention and control bodies would have been notified and the hospitals wouldn’t have bought the products anymore.

Although we showed transparency (…) we noticed that the interview with Mr. Tolontan was truncated and accompanied by dirty comments and some statements out-of-context,” said Dan Condrea, the main shareholder of Hexi Pharma.

The company says that there is also an internal investigation and if there are economic and image losses resulting from these unfounded statements, the firm will go in court to recover the damages.

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