Prosecutor’s Office takes over Retezat avalanche case. Young alpinist Dor Geta Popescu to be buried on Wednesday, Erik Gulacsi to be incinerated

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The General Prosecutor’s Office has taken over on Tuesday the investigation over the death of the two teen climbers in the Retezat avalanche on Saturday.

“The file was takne over from the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Hateg Court, considering the complexity of the criminal prosecution deeds. The investigation is for manslaughter,” reads a press release.

Young alpinist Dor Geta Popescu’s dead body has been laid at the chapel house of the St. Nicholas Chirch in Rasnov. She will be buried on Wednesday. The other teen boy who lost his life in the avalanche, Erik Gulacsi, will be cremated in Cluj-Napoca, with his family saying they will take his ash on the mountain top.

Local authorities from Rasnov consider declaring day of national mourning in town on Wednesday. At the same time, councilmen will propose that the young late alpinist should be awarded post-mortem the honorary citizen title.

Geta’s father, Ovidiu Popescu, who was with his daughter on Saturday when the avalanche occurred, was discharged from hospital on Monday, at his request.

Geta’s sister, Crina Coco Popescu, also professional alpinist, came back from Italy and went to Cluj to her mother. Popescu sister’s parents got divorced three years ago and the mother settled down in Cluj.

Erik’s family decided that the boy should be cremated. Erik Gulacsi was 12-years-old and was a professional climber. He was colleague with Dor Geta Popescu at the Altitude Mountain Club from Rasnov. He was practicing climbing since he was 8. Erik managed to climb the highest peaks in Romania and also reached the 5,642m-high Elbrus Peak in August last year, becoming the youngest boy in Europe who has succeeded this record. He set a new record in January 2017 when he reached the Aconcagua (6,962m), at the age of 12.

The two teenagers died on Saturday in the avalanche in Retezat Mountains. The Police in Hunedoara opened a criminal record in rem for manslaughter in this case.

Mountain rescuers and authorities said that the group of seven who climbed the mountain on Saturday and was caught up by the avalanche had gone off the beaten track, that the route was a very dangerous one and they hadn’t respected all rules.

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