Protest expected Wednesday evening, following the Parliament’s decision on detention at home and weekend detention


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A protest rally will be held Wednesday evening downtown Bucharest, after the Parliament has green lighted the detention at home and weekend detention, which triggered many people’s discontent.

Thus, a protest will be held Wednesday night at the Palace of Parliament, called ‘Jail without frequency for those who steal our future? NO!’ Coruptia Ucide (Corruption kills) civic movement has announced, reports.

The protest will start at 18:00h, the meeting point being Izvor Park.

“Today, in an obvious contempt for the citizen and his needs, the elected ones have voted to be able to steal without stress and serve a ‘summer jail’, in luxurious conditions, at the villas built with money stolen from us, the ordinary people. The insulting law has been voted and will be sent to President Klaus Iohannis for promulgation. ATTENTION: The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, has the right to refuse it once and then automatically it enters into force,” the event organisers wrote on Facebook.

Organizers say this decision encourages people to no longer observe the law.

“We do not know what you believe, but we do not know how scared people will be, knowing they can stay at home, make a barbecue with other interlopers, play music during the weekend and still conduct their illegal businesses. In the view of the ALDE-PSD, jail is a recreational institution, a place of understanding among the thieves and their victims. This law will turn Romania into an official heaven of crime. If you want this for your future, for your child or your country, stay at home,” the organizers wrote.

The Chamber of Deputies has adopted on Wednesday the draft law on alternative measures for serving the sentences by 170 votes for, 81 against and 6 abstentions. The law will go to President Klaus Iohannis, but it remains to be seen if the head of state will promulgate it.

The opposition has already announced that it will refer the draft to the Constitutional Court.

According to the draft bill, by decision of the judges, the defenders convicted for non-violent offences, who are not recidivists and who have a maximum sentence of five years, benefit from home arrest or on Saturdays and Sundays.

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