Protest rally announced on Sunday against the new ordinances: Repeal and leave!


A protest rally has been announced on Sunday, in Victoriei Square, against the two emergency ordinances adopted by the Government on Tuesday, in the field of justice.

The rally is called ‘Repeal and leave!’ and will take place in Victoriei Square on Sunday, February 24, as of 18.00h.

The organisers quote on Facebook a saying by philosopher Mihai Sora: “if you don’t see and you don’t understand what is happening today, this means we are lost, as nation, for the next several decades.”

“We see and understand Mr. Sora is right in his message. We will meet in Victoriei Square, to stop them. So that we can say again: ‘Good Morning, Romania!” the organisers wrote.

The rally is organised by ‘Coruptia ucide’ (Corruption kills), Geeks for Democracy, Initiativa Romania and Rezistenta.

Some protests took place Tuesday evening, as several protesters came the the Justice Ministry to chant against the amendments to the laws of justice, and have thrown ketchup on the ministry’s walls.

The Government adopted on Tuesday two emergency ordinances in the field of justice.

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