Protesters waiting for PSD’s Dragnea at Topoloveni, taken to the police

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Several protesters waiting for PSD leader Liviu Dragnea in Topoloveni town in Arges county have been taken by gendarmes to the police precinct for introducing themselves.

Ten people have been invited to the police section, all being anti-PSD protesters.

Alexandru Ivan, spokesperson of Arges Police Inspectorate stated that the protesters were attending an “unreported public gathering”, while chanting  slogans and displaying banners after Liviu Dragnea had arrived at the cultural center in the town.

The PSD opponents were displaying banners such “Arges does matter! It has not voted theft! You are not Romania” and chanting anti-PSD messages.

Liberal deputy Ovidiu Raeţchi has commented the incident on Friday, saying this is an “abuse that places Gendarmerie among the Soviet-type repression forces“.

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea paid an electoral informal visit in Topoloveni on Friday. In a small hall he delivered a short speech to the members of PSD Arges organisation. According to Digi 24, the SocDem leader has stated during the speech that “Romanians may not vote with PSD and I even ask them to think carefully”.

PSD chairman has launched a new attack against foreigners and against multinational companies, arguing that those outside Romania are jealous of Romania’s economic growth.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday, during a PSD electoral meeting in Reghin, that while visiting the city of Targu Mures several protesters offended her and brought wreath of flowers, adding she believes no Romanian Prime Minister ever has been so offended, so controversial.

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