Protests against current Gov’t on Romania’s National Day in Bucharest, other cities. Tariceanu’s message to the protesters


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Oover 2,000 people protested in Victoriei Square, Bucharest on Saturday evening, on Romania’s National Day, to show their discontent against the current government and to ask it to resign. People said they precisely chose the National Day to protest in order to send a message they they care about the country and they are unite and that they want to be led by „normal, honest policy makers”.

Protesters in Victoriei Square have made human tricolor to celebrate 100 years since the Great Union, but also in protest against the current Executive and ruling majority. People used cardboards in the colors of the Romanian flag (red, yellow, blue) and their mobile phones to lit them.

Protesters sang the national anthem, but also chanted such slogans as „Thieves”, „Romania, wake up!”, „Resignation”, „Winter holidays without offenders”, „You should be in jail, not ruling!”.

They also said that the Government is doing nothing but passing laws for the benefit of some politicians who are under criminal investigations.

The protest in Bucharest, but also in other cities, was announced on Facebook several days ago under the slogan „Happy birthday in the EU, Romania! It is high time you get rid of thieves!”

Defending our rights, we defend ourselves! Romania IS NOT divided, ROMANIA IS UNITED!”, the organizers also said.

Some tens of people also protested in Cluj-Napoca, asking that Romania „should not be led by corrupt people anymore”. „Romanians should not give up their sanity”, was the protesters’ message.

A similar protest was staged in Oradea, as well.

ALDE’s chair Tariceanu offends protesters

Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, also chairman of PSD’s ruling partner, ALDE, has stated that protesters are an aggressive voice, accusing they are misinformed while wasting their time on Facebook instead of reading.

Tariceanu said „it’s an aggression he has never met in the past 20 years”.

Instead of reading a book, they stay on Facebook and imagine they know everything. Misinformation has not been born now with the social media. Of course, the speed of spreading an information was different and maybe there are times when the anarchic tendencies can come out”, Tariceanu told RTV private broadcaster.

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