Protests in Bucharest scheduled on May 12: ‘We want Europe, not dictatorship’

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New protests have been announced in Bucharest, in Victoriei Square on May 12. The protest is called ‘We want Europe, not dictatorship!’ and is scheduled three days after Europe Day on May 9. The protest is organised by Rezistența, Insistăm, Inițiativa România, Declic, Galați civic action, Corruption Kills, Cluj Anticorruption Umbrella and Civic Arad, reports.

“Ever since taking over the governance, the PSD-ALDE coalition has not observed the promises made during the election campaign and had only two priorities: to protect from going to jail their VIPs with criminal files and to set up a regime in which the rule of law and democracy are crushed by the force of political institutions. The PSD-ALDE methods and actions drive away Romania from European and democratic standards and place it among the autocratic regimes, where the interests and discretionary actions of those having access to political decisions rule, whereas the society lacks the chance to sanction the skidding. We are the generation which had the chance to see for real what democracy and European values mean. We are the generation which values them and won’t give them up for the only reason that they block the way for some political leaders, such as Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, to go to jail. See you on May 12. It’s up to everyone to announce the event. This does not mean we will not take to the streets earlier, if the laws of justice, the amended criminal code, etc. are voted to serve the interests of offenders,” the announcement reads.

The organisers also point to the PSD-ALDE undemocratic actions:

  • The attempts to revive GEO 13 through the amendments to the laws of justice and the amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal procedure Code;
  • The attempt to unjustifiably remove the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office and of the National Anticorruption Directorate;
  • Repressing the right to protest through abusive fines and force from the Gendarmerie;
  • Amending the laws in contempt to the parliamentary procedures and public consultation;
  • Denigrating the European institutions, the foreign embassies and the Romanian representatives in Brussels, who oppose the PSD abuses;
  • Draft bills, such as the law on defamation, aimed to annul the freedom of expression;
  • The support for the TV stations which carry on anti-justice propaganda and calumniate those who protest against the PSD abuses, while intoxicating the population with anti-European messages;
  • Sabotaging the NGOs funding sources, through the new Tax Code.

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