PSD chair: My son was bullied several times, he filed a complaint


PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said that his son, Valentin Dragnea, had been assaulted repeatedly while confirming he has filed a complaint.

I cannot give you further details, just the he has been assaulted several times and it seems he decided to file a complaint in the end. I don’t have further details and I don’t want to comment,” Dragnea said.

The Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 5 Court announced today a criminal file in rem had been opened „for threat and public nuisance” after Valentin Dragnea and his wife would have been assaulted on the street. The incident would have taken place 10 days ago, while Dragnea’s son and his wife Gina Alexandra were leaving a building in Cotroceni area in Bucharest, apparently the villa where they are living.

The identity of the alleged aggressor is still unknown, investigators said, but writer Raluca Fehrer claimed on her blog that the alleged aggressor would be „the son of a great actor” who would have recognized Valentin Dragnea and his wife and would have shouted at them. „Thieves, bastards, corrupt people, aren’t you ashamed to mock this country and steal from the poor children, you bandits!” the actor’s son would have addressed the pair.

Valentin Dragnea and his wife would have called the Police but the police officers took no measures for the man had not threatened them and had not physically harmed them.

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