PSD Cluj offices, attacked with Molotov cocktails. Local leader says walls were sprinkled with petrol

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The Cluj County Police Inspectorate has started investigations on Friday, following an alleged attack by unknown persons who tried to set fire to the PSD offices in Cluj-Napoca, the members of the party claiming they found the door and the walls sprinkled with petrol and traces of some Molotov cocktails.

The spokeswoman of the Cluj County Police Inspectorate, Carmen Livia Jucan, said on Friday that the police officers have been notified on Friday that unknown persons allegedly tried to set fire to the PSD offices and a team has been sent to the site to investigate.

“A police crew has been sent to the site and research is currently under way. Today (Friday – our note) we received a phone call informing that during the night unknown people have lit up paper or newspapers in front of the offices and reportedly have poured gas on the entrance door,” Jucan said, according to

PSD Cluj chairman, Deputy Gabriel Horia Nasra, said party representatives found Friday morning, when they arrived at the party offices, burnt newspapers and gasoline containers, with which the suspects might have tried to set the building on fire. Nasra said a paper written ‘PCR’ was placed over the party’s logo and the entrance door and the walls had been sprinkled with gas.

“We believe that protests and criticism are normal in democracy, but to throw Molotov cocktails and to sprinkle a party headquarters with gasoline, these are already extremist acts of outrageous violence. I hope the police do their duty and find those who did these things. It is not normal that in Romania, in 2018, people with real psychological problems to throw Molotov cocktails at the offices of a political party,” Gabriel Horia Nasra said.

Approximately 100 people protested in front of PSD offices in Cluj-Napoca on Friday, expressing dissatisfaction with the proposal by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader to dismiss the DNA chief, Laura Codruta Kovesi. People had banners with messages such as “We see you all the way” or “We see you and, by the way, you stink!”





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