PSD draft bill: military service based on volunteering and Civil Guard

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23 Social Democrat MPs have filed a draft law in Parliament aiming to set up a Civil Guard based on volunteering under the authority of the city halls and also a military service also based on volunteering for all persons aged from 18 to 30 who want to undergo military training.

The Civil Guard is to consist of people who had voluntarily served and who will intervene in case of emergency situations-earthquakes, floods, fires- or anytime it’s necessary.

Former military or retired policemen can be part of the Civil Guard.

The draft bill also brings under regulation the military service on a voluntary basis. It addresses to all persons, men and women, aged from 18 to 30. The service implies training courses from 3 to 6 months for the graduates and from 4 to 9 months for those who have no university education.

The voluntary military service can be done within the Army, the Fire Brigade, the Border Police, Gendarmerie, Mountain Rescue Gendarmerie, the General Emergency Inspectorate and the Special Telecommunication Service.

The military training will be added up to the seniority and at the end of it, volunteers will receive a military book and a professional training certificate.

According to the draft, volunteers will receive a hot meal a day, the transport will be reimbursed and their social contributions will be paid. Moreover, after they finish the course, they will pay only half of the tax on profit, social and health insurances.

The initiators of the draft bill argue that such an action will help Romania have „trained military”, will encourage volunteering and will create new jobs.

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