PSD’s election campaign head Mircea Draghici, indicted by DNA

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Social-Democratic Party treasurer Mircea Draghici was heard on Tuesday by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), saying when leaving, that he believes it is exaggerated to be indicted for not observing a law he promoted in Parliament, a law he knows best.

To be indicted for not observing a law you have written in Parliament, and you know the spirit and the sense of the law, seems exaggerated and I somehow believe it is related to the coordination of the election campaign, we are right before its start,” Draghici said when leaving the DNA offices.

On the other hand, DNA prosecutor announced in a press release that Draghici had been indicted for he would have taken EUR 380,000 from the subsidies for PSD, that he would have used to pay a house, more precisely by concluding a rental agreement of a house.

Anti-corruption prosecutors argue that this rental contract was a fake just to allow Draghici to use money from the subsidies for other purposes than the real ones, respectively for the partial payment of over tho thirds of the house.

On February 12, the prosecutors requested the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) to submit a series of documents regarding the ways to establish and distribute the subsidies for political parties, to the PSD, as well as the control reports on the money spent by the social-democrats.

The DNA prosecutors have opened a file on the utilization of subsidies for parliamentary parties granted to PSD by the AEP and have requested more documents.

Sources say the documents refer to the subsidies granted to PSD in 2017 and the control reports on the utilization of the subsidies in 2017 and 2018.

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