PSD’s Liviu Dragnea sues the European Commission in regard to OLAF’s report


PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has challenged to the EU Court in Luxembourg the report by OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Office, an institution of the European Commission) which had found fraud of more than EUR 20 million from EU funds and led to the opening of the Tel Drum file in which the social-democrat chairman is prosecuted by DNA. The information was revealed by, which shows that Dragnea wants to cancel the OLAF report on a collateral path.

According to the EU Court’s case, the file “Dragnea v Commission Case T 738/18” was filed on December 11, 2018. However, the information on this file is not public. reads that sources in Luxembourg explained that Liviu Dragnea could no longer attack the OLAF report because it had long been out of date. So he has chosen an indirect way to appeal the negative response received from the European Commission to a complaint he made about the OLAF Report.

In a 40-page appeal, Liviu Drangea accuses OLAF of failing to observe the right to be heard and the benefit of doubt on the occasion of the report, which allegedly has been drawn up in violation of the rules of good administration of justice.

According to, Dragnea is assisted by lawyers Bernard O’Connor and Sebastien Gubel.

The Tel Drum file at the DNA is based on an OLAF investigation that finds massive frauds with European funds in the field of road construction and recommends the full recovery of EUR 21 million. One of the frauds is about Tel Drum.

DNA started the prosecution of Liviu Dragnea in this file on November 13, 2017, being investigated for the setting up of an organized criminal group, the use or misrepresentation of documents or false statements for obtaining fraudulent European funds, but also for abuse of office in connection with favoring Tel Drum in terms of awarding the contract.

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